Students and alumni of the SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern have the opportunity to supplement their HF Diploma with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Hospitality Management (short: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management*) at the Lucerne School of Business and Economics. As the course to become a Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice HF / Dipl. Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF is considered an integral part of this course of study, the amount of credits needed for the Bachelor's degree is reduced to 90 ECTS credits. 

These additional four semesters complement the high-quality, subject-specific SHL academic course with a business administration extension and consolidation, and opens up additional perspectives in companies outside the hospitality sector. The combination and interlocking of hotel management and business administration is a future-oriented, tailor-made and complementary educational model.






    The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Hospitality Management (short: Bachelor in Hospitality Management) provides graduates with a broad and well-founded basic education in the core disciplines of business administration and the departments that support them. The training covers the following areas, building on the specialist knowledge and skills already acquired in the SHL training

    • Management (9 credits)
    • Law and Taxes (6 credits)
    • Financial Management (12 credits)
    • Economics (12 credits)
    • Mathematics and Statistics (9 credits)
    • Communication Skills (3 credits)
    • Methods and Projects / Scientific work, including final thesis (27 credits)
    • Consolidation of your choice: Minor (12 credits)

    Specialization: A minor of your choice
    In Business Administration, students generally choose a major of 30 credits and a minor of 12 credits. The major specialization is covered by the SHL programme. In the second part of their studies, students complete a minor in chosen specialization. They can choose from those minors of the Bachelor's in Business Administration for which they fulfil the requirements in terms of content. These include Human Resource Management, Business Process Management, Communication, Marketing, Public Management, NGO Management, Tourism and others.

    Credits - the currency of education
    The average amount of study is measured in ECTS credits (ECTS: European Credit Transfer System). 1 credit corresponds to an average workload of 30 hours. All modules are worth a certain number of credits, usually 3, sometimes 6 or more. So, for 3 credits, the average workload is 90 hours. This includes all academic achievements (preparation, contact studies, follow-up work, credits, etc.). The total amount of the Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management is 180 ECTS credits, of which 90 equivalent ECTS credits are or were acquired at SHL.

    The award of credits also serves as proof of successful completion of a module.

    Even more flexibility: the language model
    All modules of the Bachelor in Hospitality Management (except the Minors) are offered in both English and German. Students can choose between an English-speaking, a German-speaking or a mixed-language programme. Students who attend more than 30 credits of English modules in the German-language track receive the title "Bilingual Track" in their diploma certificate. The prerequisite for attending modules in a particular language is a proven level C1.


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    A university degree programme can generally be completed as a full-time or part-time course of study or - in the case of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Hospitality Management (abbreviated to Bachelor in Hospitality Management) - can be completed alongside training.

    Two basic models are available for the Bachelor in Hospitality Management: A parallel training model for current students of SHL (start of studies before acquisition of SHL degree) and a model for graduates (start of studies after acquisition of SHL degree).

    • The parallel training model for SHL students
      This model allows students to complete part of their Bachelor's degree within two semesters during their studies at SHL. In the 30-60 model, 15 credits (50 percent of a full-time programme) are acquired in two stages during the SHL programme, the remaining 60 credits after graduation. The postgraduate part can be completed either in full-time within one year or part-time within two years. In this case the professional workload should not exceed 60 percent. For legal reasons, the part-time training model is only available to students who have a Gymnasium Matura or a vocational Matura.
      That's how your study program could look like. 
    • The graduate model for SHL graduates
      The contents of the model for graduates are completely identical to those of the parallel training model. However, the study load and the module sequence are designed in such a way that the programme can be completed part-time. It is spread over four semesters of 21 or 24 credits each. Professional activity should not exceed 60 percent of a full-time workload.

      That's how your study program could look like. 


    Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU)

  • Admission


    Admission requirements - attendance at the SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern

    The following applies: No Bachelor degree without an SHL degree!
    In order to obtain the Bachelor degree, it is mandatory that the SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern has been successfully completed. In the graduate model, the SHL diploma is a prerequisite for admission to the Bachelor programme. In the parallel training model, students must have a vocational or upper secondary school leaving certificate for enrolment.

    The Bachelor diploma is only awarded when the SHL diploma has also been acquired.





    In your interest: A good preparation

    Education in the subjects of Accounting / Financial Management and Mathematics builds on the corresponding competences at the end of the vocational matura (focus on economics). Applicants for the Bachelor in Hospitality Management are therefore strongly recommended to acquire these skills, if necessary, before commencing their studies. Students of the parallel training model should complete the area of Mathematics before the first part of their studies and the area of Finance and Accounting before the second part of their studies. Students of the graduate model should ensure that they are at the required level in both areas before beginning their studies.
    The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts offers various preparatory courses in both subjects, which take place annually in late spring and throughout the summer. The preparatory courses are subject to a fee.

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    • Degree: Bachelor of Science, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts/FHZ, in Business Administration with specialization in Hospitality Management.
    • Application deadline: 30 April 2021
    • Start of studies: The academic year 2021/22 begins on 13 September 2021 with a compulsory introductory week. The official start of the semester is 20 September 2021 (calendar week 38). 
    • Semester dates:
      Autumn semester: Calendar weeks 38 - 51
      Module examinations: calendar weeks 3 - 4
      Spring semester: calendar weeks 8 - 21
      Module examinations: calendar weeks 35 - 36
    • Costs: 
      Enrolment fee: CHF 400 (refund of CHF 200 with 1st semester invoice)
      Semester fees: CHF 800
      Various fees: approx. 900 per semester
    • Training location: Hochschule Luzern Wirtschaft, Zentralstrasse 9, 6002 Lucerne
    • Director of Studies: Prof. Dr. Frank Ulbrich
    • Your contact at HSLU: Nicole Unternährer, Administration Training, will gladly answer your questions. Please contact her by phone on +41 41 228 42 94 or by e-mail at
    • Your contact SHL: Delphine Bosshart, SHL Student advisory service, will gladly answer your questions. Please contact her by phone on +41 41 417 33 16 or by e-mail at
    • Registration: click here for online registration
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