Stiftung Arbeitskette

Zurich & Schlieren, Switzerland

As pioneers in Switzerland, we opened the first restaurant with subsidised work placements. Today, we run five restaurants and a public employee restaurant in Zurich and Schlieren, a café & confectionery in Zurich's Niederdorf and a catering provider with a modern production kitchen in Zurich, Schlieren.

Our employees are as diverse as our gastronomic offerings. We offer professional and social integration to young people and adults who have been unable to find employment in the primary labour market due to an impairment of their performance, and enable them to enter professional life in gastronomy, retail or confectionery. To this end, specialists from the psychosocial field support our gastronomy professionals in their day-to-day work.

The combination of gastronomy and integration and the persuasion that enjoyment and social commitment go well together - is what makes the Stiftung Arbeitskette stand out.