The SHL curriculum is based on our longstanding experience that future managers need to have widespread knowledge of all areas of a hotel. This concept leads to comprehensive skills that are essential for running a business.

The five practice-orientated semesters clearly and distinctly mirror our philosophy.

Each semester is followed by a five-month internship and before entering the final diploma semester, a six-month management internship must be completed. Consequently, before entering the final corporate management semester, relevant work experience (including internships) totalling 24 months and evidence of management capability are required.



  • Semester 1 Kitchen / Production

    Kitchen / Production

    Semester 1 (2,5 months / 5 month internship)

    Dip into the culinary world. Objectives of the first semester kitchen and production are to become familiar with various gastronomic options and consider contemporary theories in planning and organisation.
    Course content:

    Course content:

    • Kitchen Organization
    • Production Technology
    • Dietetics
    • Food science
    • Food processing
    • Calculations / pricing
    • Quality assurance/hygiene
    • Information Technology

    Interdisciplinary competencies: "Responsible acting in team settings"

    Duration: 10 weeks
    Subsequent internship: at least 5 months


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  • Semester 2 Gastronomy


    Semester 2 (2,5 months / 5 month internship)

    Open up the possibility of career advancement. Genuine hospitality is being sensitive to guests needs while maintaining compassion for excellence. This semester is filled with practical experience where students acquire the appropriate social competencies "at the front" and develop their knowledge of food and beverage. A varied course concept and extracurricular projects ensure maximal retention of trainings modules.

    Course content:

    • Service Organisation
    • Oenology
    • Beverage Studies
    • Food and Beverage Management:
    • Purchasing / Sales / Pricing /
    • Analyse / Controlling
    • External Banquet Service
    • Information Technology

    Seminar: Table and event etiquette

    Interdisciplinary competencies: "Sustainable management of one's own resources"

    Duration: 10 weeks
    Subsequent internship: at least 5 months


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  • Semester 3 Front Office

    Front Office

    Semester 3 (2,5 months/ 5 month internship)

    Your key to success. The front office is the heart of a hotel that is why the third semester concentrates on skilfully organising and running the area where front and back offices meet. This 
     semester involves teamwork, specialist seminars and the «Hotel-Checker» for sustained momentum.

    Course content:

    • Front Office / Guest Relations
    • Reservations / Guest accounting
    • Housekeeping / Ecology
    • Financial and Operational accounting
    • Business English
    • Law
    • Information Technology
    • Revenue- and Yield Management



    De-escalation and self-protection
    General business etiquette 

    Interdisciplinary competencies: "professional customer contact"

    Duration: 10 weeks
    Subsequent internship: at least 5 months


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  • Semester 4 Business Administration

    Business Administration

    Semester 5 (4 Monate)

    Detailed calculating is required. The semester goals include encouraging conceptual thinking at a managerial level which provides a solid business foundation. Students are exposed to real life situations and learn to find market-orientated solutions within a team.

    Course content:

    • Financial Accounting
    • Operational Accounting
    • Human Resource Administration
    • Marketing / Sales
    • Presentation Technique
    • Revenue- und Yield Management
    • Leadership and Communication
    • Business English
    • Law / Labour Law


    • KOPAS (work safety)
    • Building and renovating in the hotel industry
    • The hospitality industry
    • Personal impact and performance
    • Nonverbal communication

    Interdisciplinary competencies: "Respectfully leading employees"

    Duration: 15 weeks
    Subsequent leadership position: at least 6 months


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  • Semester 5 Corporate Management

    Corporate Management

    Semester 5 (4 Monate)


    Write your personal success story. The corporate management semester gives you the edge. Students acquire considerable skills in strategic and operational management of a company. With interdisciplinary team projects and an individual thesis, strategic and conceptual thinking are taught and trained.

    Course content:

    • Strategic Management/ Corporate Policy
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resource Management/ Company Organisation
    • Economics
    • Tourism
    • Law
    • Online Distribution

    Interdisciplinary competencies: "Successfully implementing change"

    Duration: 15 weeks including final examination and diploma thesis


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  • Semester 1-5 Concierge Myself / Interdisciplinary Competencies

    Concierge Myself / Interdisciplinary Competencies

    Semester 1–5 (2,5 months / 5 month internship)

    The SHL has developed a competence profile for hospitality professionals. It clearly defines social competencies as key to sustained quality performance. The "concierge Myself" programme is an integral part of the SHL or HF course. The training concept runs parallel to the professional training and aims to foster these key competencies.

    Acting responsibly in a team (semester 1)

    • Convincing communication
    • Obtaining and passing on information
    • Perform well in teams

    Managing one’s personal resources successfully (semester 2)

    • Staying healthy and physically able
    • Know how to efficiently rest
    • Deal with stressful situations

    Professionally managing customer contact (semester 3)

    • Service-oriented appearance
    • Conduct customer meetings successfully
    • Successfully interact with other cultures

    Respectfully leading employees (semester 4)

    • Steer through effective use of feedback
    • Delegate efficiently
    • Mitigate conflict with effective communication

    Successfully implementing change (semester 5)

    • Conceive and implement change processes
    • Effective leadership of meetings
    • Successfully conduct recruitment negotiations


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