Cost of studying

The costs of studying includes tuition fees, teaching materials (including an iPad), meals from Monday to Friday lunch (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as all excursions and trips.

The SHL students are subsidized by the canton where they have their official residency (including the Principality of Liechtenstein). The "Interkantonale Vereinbarung über Beiträge an die Bildungsgänge der höheren Fachschulen" (HFSV) regulates, in particular, the amount of contributions a canton makes to its students' education beyond its cantonal territory. All Swiss cantons are currently covered by this agreement. They are obliged to contribute CHF 500.00 per student, per semester (a total of CHF 17'500.00 per student for the complete all 5 semesters of training).

Foreign students receive corresponding subsidies if they have lived in Switzerland for at least two years before beginning their studies.



  • tuition fees for Students from HFSV cantons

    Semester 1 CHF 5'465.00
    Semester 2 CHF 5'465.00
    Semester 3 CHF 5'465.00
    Semester 4 CHF 7'950.00
    Semester 5 CHF 7'950.00
    Total CHF 32'295.00

    Semester 1 CHF 8'299.00
    Semester 2 CHF 8'299.00
    Semester 3 CHF 8'299.00
    Semester 4 CHF 12'449.00
    Semester 5 CHF 12'449.00
    Total CHF 49'795.00
  • additional costs

    Enrollment fee (due before registration) CHF 200.00
    Uniforms Semester 1 ab CHF 350.00
    Uniforms Semester 2 ab CHF 1'000.00
    Accommodation (monthly) ab CHF 600.00