Studying Hospitality Management

Since 1909, the SHL Schweizerische Hotefachschule Luzern has been offering promising prospects in the dynamic, international and future-oriented professional field of hospitality and gastronomy, training the managers of tomorrow with a strong focus on practical orientation.The varied, realistic SHL courses of study «Dipl. Hotelier(e) - Gastronomer(in) HF»  and «Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management» prepare students optimally for their future activities and enable them to successfully start their careers in their respective fields of activity. 

Bachelor in Hospitality Management

  • Studying in English
  • Admission possible with Swiss Matura (or equivalent)

Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF

  • Studying in German
  • Supplement with bachelor’s degree optional
  • Admission with EFZ (Swiss certificate of proficiency) or Matura (or similar) possible