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SVEB instructor certificate

Start your journey to a fulfilling role as a trainer! SHL is now offering a course leading to the «SVEB Instructor Certificate (AdA ZA-DL)» from the SVEB Swiss Association for Adult Education. During 14 course days, you will not only acquire in-depth knowledge, but also the basic skills you need to be successful in adult education. The certificate is the key to teaching adults in all eduQua-certified institutions. At the moment, the programme is only available in German, but should you be interested to a course in English, please let us know about it

Facts & Figures

The SVEB course at a glance

  • Duration: 14 course days (112 lessons in total) over a period of at least 4 months. Of these, 4 training days take place in online lessons. 
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Location: SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern  in  Lucerne
  • Course dates: Course I - Spring (18 April to 23 August 2024), Course II - Summer (30 May to 11 October 2024)
  • Qualification: «SVEB Certificate Instructor (AdA ZA-DL)» 
  • Fees: CHF 4,980 (CHF 3,984 for SHL alumni) including course documents, certificate, coffee breaks and 3-course lunch in the training restaurant of SHL on the attendance days
  • Registration: please fill in the registration form (in German). Places are limited and will be allocated according to the date of registration. 
Are you interested...

to do the SVEB course in English?

In Switzerland, we currently offer the SVEB course in in German. However, we are also able to organise the course in English if required. Are you interested in this offer - or would you consider a SVEB course in English exclusively held for your employees in your company? Then please contact us. 



  • Description

    You have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in your sector. Now make more of it and pass on your knowledge to others. Learn how to professionally plan and organise learning events with adults and teach them with ease. Accompany your course participants as they acquire new skills. In this way, you will not only put curricula into practice, but also inspire participants with enthusiasm for the subject matter.

    The module for conducting training sessions with groups of adults includes the following benefits: 

    • You will expand your teaching or training experience in in-company or out-of-company adult education programmes. 
    • You will acquire the necessary skills for planning, conducting and evaluating your training sessions.
    • You will learn how to meet the requirements of learners, students or employees in a safe, creative and learning-promoting way:
    • You can demonstrate and expand your social, technical and methodological knowledge. 
    • With the SVEB certificate, you can present yourself as a qualified specialist on the education market.
  • Content

    Develop your skills in planning, implementing and evaluating learning events with adults. You will take into account and integrate predetermined concepts, curricula and teaching materials.

    The topics and content of the module include 

    • Fundamentals of adult-specific learning and teaching 
    • Formulation of learning objectives, derived from the desired competences
    • Analysing target groups and detailed planning of teaching and learning units based on the learning process 
    • Selection of suitable content, media and learning materials for face-to-face and online teaching 
    • Variety of methods for lively adult education 
    • Designing learning tasks and assignments 
    • Dealing with online learning and training activities 
    • Leading learning activities, work processes and learning steps 
    • Cooperative forms of learning, supervision of group work 
    • Methods for securing learning outcomes and reviewing objectives 
    • Assessment of learning sequences 
    • Feedback on participants' skills, learning performance, achievement of objectives and behaviour
    • Basics of communication in learning situations 
    • Understanding learning, attitudes and roles as a course leader 
    • Promoting a supportive learning environment and respectful interaction with and between participants
    • Dealing with interruptions and conflicts
  • Requirements

    Please refer to the list below to find out which requirements you need to fulfil to take part in the programme:

    • You have sound knowledge in your specialised field (at least EFZ, Matura or commercial school certificate). 
    • You are interested in and enjoy digital forms of teaching and learning. 
    • You already have teaching or training experience. 
    • You will lead at least one class or course group during the training programme. 
    • You have your own laptop and are confident in using it.
  • Audience

    The «SVEB-Zertifikat Ausbilderin/Ausbilder (AdA ZA-DL)» provides you with the basic skills you need to teach adults. The SVEB course is therefore aimed at the following audience:

    • You teach adults in educational institutions, in business, in administration or in the social sector.
    • You work in a training or personnel department or are self-employed.
    • You are interested in planning, implementing and evaluating contemporary and practice-orientated teaching with adults.
    • You are interested in skills- and practice-orientated teaching and learning media. 
    • You would like to prove your competences with the SVEB certificate for course instructors.
  • Objectives

    The following basic learning objectives await you:

    • You will be able to plan, implement and evaluate face-to-face and online lessons with adults. In doing so, you will orientate yourself on given concepts, curricula and teaching materials and incorporate these into your lessons. 
    • You will use analogue and technology-based media and learning materials in a way that promotes learning and is appropriate for the target group. 
    • You will have mastered goal- and participant-orientated discussion techniques and the basics of moderation.
    • The course comprises 14 teaching days, 10 of which take place on site, and 4 days on which you will meet your class and your teacher in online lessons.

    • In interactive lessons, you will experience the latest teaching and learning methods using digital tools.

    • During the course, you will keep a learning diary. This will enable you to record your personal learning process. 

    • You will receive individualised preparation and follow-up work as well as tasks for your practice and a certificate of competence. 

    • You will apply the knowledge you have acquired in a training sequence from your specialism. 

    • You will receive detailed feedback on your practical demonstration, which will help you to further improve your skills. 

    • You can expect 165 hours of self-study.

  • Certificate

    The module leads you to the widely recognised «SVEB Certificate for Trainers (AdA ZA-DL)». You will receive the certificate if you fulfil the following points: 

    • You have attended 80% of the course, including the preparatory and follow-up tasks. 
    • You have kept a learning diary. 
    • You have passed the competency tests. 
    • You have demonstrated practical experience of at least 2 years teaching or training experience and at least 150 hours with adults, of which at least 100 hours with groups.
    • If you do not have sufficient teaching experience at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance. Once you have the required experience, you can obtain the SVEB certificate from SHL.
    • This is the first of five ToT FD modules leading to the Federal Instructor Diploma.
  • Fees

    The cost of the SVEB programme is CHF 4,980, while SHL alumni benefit from a reduced price of CHF 3,984.

    The costs include

    • Teaching materials
    • «SVEB certificate for trainers (AdA ZA-DL)»
    • All coffee breaks during the attendance days
    • 3-course lunch in the training restaurant of the SHL Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne on all course days on site during the attendance days
  • dates

    Course Summer 2024

    • Thursday, 30 May 2024 (Corpus Christi) 
    • Friday, 31 May 2024 
    • Monday, 08 July 2024 
    • Tuesday, 09 July 2024 
    • Wednesday, 10 July 2024 
    • Thursday, 11 July 2024 
    • Friday, 12 July 2024 
    • Friday, 16 August 2024 
    • Friday, 23 August 2024 
    • Friday, 30 August 2024 
    • Friday, 06 September 2024 
    • Wednesday, 09 October 2024 
    • Thursday, 10 October 2024 
    • Friday, 11 October 2024

    Course Winter 2025

    • Wednesday, 15 January 2025
    • Thursday, 16 January 2025
    • Thursday, 13 February 2025
    • Friday, 14 February 2025
    • Saturday, 15 February 2025
    • Thursday, 03 April 2025
    • Friday, 04 April 2025
    • Saturday, 05 April 2025
    • Thursday, 08 May 2025
    • Friday, 09 May 2025
    • Saturday, 10 May 2025
    • Friday, 23 May 2025
    • Saturday, 24 May 2025

SHL Campus

The ten days of on site lessons on the SVEB course take place on the centrally located SHL Campus in the heart of Lucerne. In addition to the beautiful view of the surrounding lake and mountains, our campus is just a 12-minute walk from Lucerne's main railway station. And all SVEB participants enjoy a 3-course lunch in our training restaurant «Salt & Pepper» on the days of attendance.

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