Jörg Meile

The savoir vivre

Jörg Meile, General Manager, Paris Marriott Champs Élysées, Paris

Jörg, who was born in Peru and lived in several South American countries in his youth, is now at home in romantic Paris. From an early age he has been fascinated by travel and the hotel business. So it was obvious for him to pursue a career in this industry. After graduating from SHL in December 1992, Jörg quickly gained a foothold in the international hotel chain business. However, he prefers to be a guest in small, privately run hotels. It is there, in unique surroundings and at home, that the General Manager recovers from his lively everyday life. «Cooking together with my wife is pure relaxation for me,» says Jörg. Preferably with fresh, local products from the market. And, of course, French white wine and cheese are also a must. Bon appetit!