Michelle Gatschet

Taking the plunge into a new sector

Michelle Gatschet, Customer Success Manager, Okta, San Francisco

Michelle Gatschet took quite an unusual career path after graduating from SHL. After holding a variety of managerial positions in the hotel industry, she ventured into the technology sector. Yes, that's right - the technology sector. As Customer Success Manager at Okta, the leading San Francisco-based identity and access management provider, Michelle is responsible for keeping customers happy, retained and growing strategically with Okta. «As far as customer service goes, I have a distinct advantage as a hotelier in the tech world because we know it and experience it in all aspects.» Michelle also likes to draw on what she learned during SHL in other ways: «The understanding of working with different departments, the leadership skills and business acumen help immensely.» However, it is not only skills and knowledge that have remained from my time at SHL - but also friendships for life: «They are priceless!»