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BSc in Hospitality Management

Our Admissions team is on hand throughout the application process. You are welcome to arrange a personal meeting with us – on site or online – to receive support with your application or to answer any questions you may have.

The application and admission procedure at SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern usually takes one to three weeks.

Registration process

  • Step 1: Prepare required documents

    Prepare all the necessary documents for the application process and save them as PDF files. The following documents must be submitted electronically during the application process: 

    • Copy of your passport and an up-to-date photo
    • Diplomas and academic certificates*
    • Employment references (if available)
    • English language certificate
    • CV
    • Letter of recommendation*
    • Application essay (more information about this in the next step)


    • Why don’t you design your CV to suit you better? Discover new tools such as Canva, Kickresume or Doyoubuzz.
    • Be sure to have someone proofread your CV and essay – you will most likely receive helpful suggestions for improvement.
    • Name your documents as follows: Surname_First name_Document type (e.g. Sample_Max_CV)
    • Make a professional impression by submitting a complete application. We appreciate it if all the necessary documents are submitted on time and together.


    *If your school would prefer to send these documents directly to SHL, please provide your school with the e-mail address of your SHL contact person or the SHL Admissions team:

  • Step 2: Writing an application paper

    The application essay is an important part of your application.It offers you the opportunity to highlight your strengths, your motivation and your interests. Choose one of the following topics for your essay:

    • SHL students are known for their passion and dedication to quality. Why have you chosen SHL and what or how do you feel you can contribute?
    • Comfort food is what we call food that makes us feel good. What is your comfort food and why?
    • «Hospitality is present when something happens for you. It is absent when something happens to you. Those two simple prepositions – for and to – express it all» (Danny Meyer). Do you agree with this statement? What is your definition of hospitality?
    • How do you feel new Communication Technology will affect hotels of the future?
    • Many SHL graduates own their own businesses. What are your entrepreneurial ambitions?

    Your essay should be typewritten and between 500 and 1'000 words long. Please do not forget to include your name and the topic you have chosen at the top of the first page. 


    • Share your unique experiences, ideas, qualities and beliefs with us in your essay. In other words: Give us the chance to get to know you!
  • Step 3: Complete online application

    Start by filling out the online application form. You can save your application at any time and return it later in order to upload documents and complete your application.

      You will be charged a registration fee of CHF 280 during your online application process. This fee can be paid online using Visa or MasterCard. As soon as we have received your complete application and payment, our admission team will review all your documents.

    • Step 4: Completing online aptitude tests

      As soon as the application documents are complete and have been checked by us, you will be invited to an online aptitude test. No special preparation is required. You should allow about 45 minutes for the test.

      The test checks the areas of concentration, memory, logic, language and general knowledge.

    • Step 5: Completing a personal admission interview

      The final step of the admission procedure is a personal discussion with the management of the SHL Admissions team.

      This will cover:

      • Your interests, hobbies, extracurricular activities, etc.
      • Your perspective on your academic and professional background
      • Your goals and dreams for the future
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