Aline Tschaeppaet

Pulling the strings behind the scenes

Aline Tschaeppaet, Senior Manager Design, Melco Resorts & Entertainment, Macau

«The world is my home», says Aline Tschaeppaet who’s been living and working in London, Peking, Berlin, Bangkok, Dubai and Macau. As a Senior Manager Design, she is responsible for the construction and renovation of several Hyatt Hotels in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South West Asia.

A very varied position as Aline confirms: «No day is like the other!» Hotel construction site inspections, design coordination meetings, creating new restaurant, guestroom and spa concepts, construction planning and many other things fill the day of the enthusiastic, hard-working and open-minded «Hotelière». And what does she appreciate when changing the perspective and entering a hotel as a guest? Employee friendliness, honesty and smart design.