The perfect fusion of two passions

Head of Marketing & Support Gastronomy, Coop Genossenschaft

How did SHL alumna Barbara Felix find her way into marketing?  «It was a stroke of luck,» says Barbara. During her final exams at SHL, she saw a job advertisement for «Marketing Specialist Coop Gastronomie». As she had already developed a great interest in marketing during her SHL studies, the job seemed the perfect fit as it combined her passion for both gastronomy and marketing. As luck would have it, the head of gastronomy at that time was also an SHL alumnus and welcomed Barbara into his team. In 2017, Barbara was finally able to assume the position as Head of Marketing & Support Coop Gastronomie. Today, she leads a team of five employees and is responsible for the national marketing strategy of Coop Restaurants.  

What does Barbara like about her job? «I think it's very cool to still be working in the gastronomy sector - and especially in system gastronomy. Coop Gastronomie comprises 180 restaurants and so my position comes with a lot of responsibility but also a lot of manoeuvring.» She also appreciates the regular working hours, which make it much easier to balance work and family life.

Keyword Interview

  • SHL

    First SHL Day
    January 2013

    The SHL is
    ...the perfect combination of theory and practice to develop young cadres for the hospitality industry.

    Most beautiful moment
    My answer being read out as the «Best Answer» when the marketing exam was discussed - and of course, receiving the graduation certificate

    I will never forget!
    Spirits tasting on Friday morning.

    What I miss
    Having time for a three-course meal at lunch.

  • Life

    What I like most about where I live - Binningen, BL - is

    • the proximity to Basel-City
    • the many green spaces
    • the great public transport system and many things can be done by bike
    • the zoo right on the doorstep 😊

    Always in the fridge
    Greek yoghurt, olives, sambal oelek

    Relaxing after a busy day
    Watching an exciting series on the sofa while folding laundry. And sleep, of course!

    When I'm not working...
    I spend as much time as possible with my children, train in the wind tunnel (indoor skydiving) or paint with acrylics.

    Me in three adjectives
    Creative, humorous, positive

  • Career

    Marketing specialist at Coop Gastronomie directly from SHL (2013), best in my year at the Swiss Federal Diploma in Marketing (2016), Head of Marketing & Support at Coop Gastronomie (2017).

    My job in three words
    Leadership, big picture, decisions

    Daily routine

    • 05.30 a.m. get up
    • shower by 06.00, wake up the children and get them ready, transfer to the office
    • 07.00 a.m. to 08.00 a.m. deal with mails, plan the day
    • Meetings & projects
    • Lunch (usually in the Coop staff restaurant)
    • Meetings & projects
    • 17.00 End of work, pick up children

    Current projects
    I have a lot of exciting projects on the go, but they are still secret 😊

     I still want to achieve
    Head of a larger department with more responsibility

  • Hospitality

    Favourite restaurant
    I don't really have a favourite place, but like to try out new things. Eleven Madison Park in New York really got me excited.

    Favourite hotel
    With the children, we tend to rent a holiday home. The last time I stayed in a hotel was at the Bürgenstock Resort, which I liked very much.

    As a guest, I am
    Always friendly and open, but still critical and with high expectations.

    I appreciate
    Friendly, courteous staff who know what they're doing, high standards of hygiene, pleasant ambience and well thought-out comfort.

    Long waiting times, paperwork, disinterested staff.

    This should change
    Better employment conditions for staff to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in our industry.

  • Inspiration

    Makes me laugh
    The laughter of my children

    This person I admire
    J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, J. R. R. Tolkien

    They have managed to make countless people love and live their fantasy worlds.

    Last holiday destination
    Sainte-Maxime on the Côte d'Azur

    Dream holiday destination
    New Zealand

    Nathan Evans - Wellerman

    You can rent a motorboat on Lake Lucerne without a boat licence. It's a great way to get around and have fun on the lake.

    I wish I could
    ...double my time to pursue all my passions.