Damian Killer

5,635 miles from home

Damian Killer, Owner and GM, The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel, Luang Prabang

Damian has a vivid memory of his first day at SHL: «I sautéed 600 scallops and was happy that all the guests survived.» Since that day, a lot of good things happened for Damian. He now lives in Luang Prabang in Laos where he manages «The Belle Rive Boutiqe Hotel» since 2014. A mighty varied job for sure: He chats to guests at breakfast, talks through the daily business with his staff, answers emails, checks on reservations and numbers, leads expansion projects... «The move abroad was definitely a milestone for me», says ambitious Damian who loves playing football with other expats after a strenuous day at work. And what does the demanding, fair guest appreciate when visiting a restaurant himself? «Good, honest service.» Simple, but crucial.