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Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF

Important points at a glance

  • Duration: full-time study, 4 school semesters and 3 paid internship semesters
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Training location: SHL Campus, Lucerne
  • Start: August/September and February
  • Registration deadlines: none - registration is possible all year round
  • Degree: Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF
  • Recognition of the qualification: The title is federally recognised by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI.

With reasonable effort, the SHL diploma can be supplemented with the «Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Hospitality Management» at the Lucerne School of Business.

The career-accompanying course «Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF»  at the SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule, Luzern is based on the long-standing experience that future managers should have experienced all areas of a hotel business. This philosophy is clearly reflected in the structure and content of the four school semesters and the three practical ones.


  • Semester 1 Gastronomie | 20 weeks

    The first station on the way to the goal of becoming a «Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF» are the kitchen and restaurant departments. Here, students actively practise teamplay and structured work, get to know the versatility as well as the organisation of these departments, train how to act and react in front of customers and acquire sound basic knowledge in food and beverage management.

    Learning content subject field Küche (10 weeks):

    • Catering
    • Nutrition
    • Calculation
    • Cooking
    • Kitchen Organisation
    • Food Science
    • Food Hygiene
    • Menu Planning

    Learning content subject field Restauration (10 weeks):

    • Food & Beverage Management
    • Consumer Goods
    • Declaration
    • Oenology
    • Service Organisation
    • Practical Work

    Semester Highlights:

    • Our students run the training restaurant «Salt & Pepper» and thus apply the theory they have learned in practice every day.
    • On the two-day excursion to the St. Gallen Agricultural Centre, our students go to the origins of the production chains.
    • At exclusive events, our students are actively involved in the action and get a taste of event air.
  • Semester 2 Praktikum Gastronomie | min. 24 weeks

    The paid internship allows students to immerse themselves in the gastronomy industry and deepen the knowledge they have gained at SHL. Gourmet restaurant, system gastronomy or hotel kitchen? Students decide for themselves where they want to take on an operational role in F&B.

    * Students who have not yet gained professional experience in the Swiss gastronomy or hotel industry (min. 6 months) must complete either the Gastronomy Internship or the Hotelleire Internship in Switzerland.

  • Semester 3 Hotellerie | 14 weeks

    This semester aims at reacting and reacting in the position of a service provider and dealing with all customer contact points. In this way, the students learn to plan the Rooms Division department of a hotel in an organisationally sensible way from the reservation to the farewell of the guests - always with a trained eye on other success factors and the financial effects of all decisions.

    Learning content:

    • Accounting
    • Business English
    • Controlling
    • Front Office
    • Home Economics
    • Computer Science
    • Distribution
    • Quality Assurance
    • Law
    • Revenue Management
    • SPA, Wellness & Well-being
    • Human Resources Management, Social Securities

    Semester highlight:

    • As Mystery Checker, our students put a hotel through its paces - including an overnight stay.
    • During the Rooms Division Day at Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne, our students look over the shoulders of professionals in the Facility Management, Housekeeping, Front Office, Reservation and Guest Experience departments. The excursion proved to our students what it takes to run a luxury resort of this size.
  • Semester 4 Praktikum Hotellerie | min. 24 weeks

    Front & Back Office, Reservations, Guest Relations, Housekeeping, Facility Management or Rooms Division: The range of activities for the paid internship in the hotel industry is diverse and - like all internships on the SHL course – it can be completed in Switzerland or abroad.

    * Students who have not yet gained professional experience in the Swiss gastronomy or hotel industry (min. 6 months) must complete either the Gastronomy Internship or the Hotelleire Internship in Switzerland.

  • Semester 5 Betriebswirtschaft | 14 weeks

    In Semester 5 Betriebswirtschaft  and conceptual skills are put on a solid foundation. These are applied in the real project study, in which the students deal with problems from the industry and develop fresh, market-oriented solutions in a team.

    Learning content:

    • Labour Law
    • Business Organisation
    • Business English
    • Financial Accounting
    • Controlling
    • Leadership and Management
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources Management
    • Presentation Skills
    • Law
    • Revenue and Yield Management
    • Sales
    • Social Securities

    Semester Highlights:

    • During the lecture days, the students attend workshops according to their own taste: ranging from «Building in the Hotel Industry» to «Graphic Design» and professional «Media Training».
    • Students work in teams to create concrete gastronomy concepts for external clients. In doing so, they network and plan in detail the areas of marketing, personnel management and finances - and present the findings and possible solutions in written and oral form.
  • Leadership experience | min. 24 weeks

    SHL students gain leadership experience in various positions: They lead employees, manage a project, are responsible for a department, pursue a specialisation in a subject area or launch their own start-up.

  • Semester 6 Corporate Management | 14 weeks

    The final semester at SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern gives the career the decisive boost. Students acquire far-reaching competencies for the strategic and operational management of a company. In parallel, the students develop concrete, well thought-out gastronomy and hotel concepts in the project and diploma theses - and present these to external clients in a professional sales pitch.

    Learning content:

    • Corporate Finance
    • Accounting
    • Facility Manamgenet
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources Management
    • Law
    • Strategic Management
    • Tourism
    • Economics

    Semester highlight:
    On Mount Rigi, students deal with group dynamic processes and get to know themselves and their role within a group better.

Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF

We did it!

SHL students proudly receive their diplomas after successfully completing their studies. This is:

  • federally recognised by SERI, and
  • classified at level 6 in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for vocational education and training - and thus equivalent to a Bachelor's degree (equivalent but not equal) via the European Qualification Frame (EQF).

In addition to the diploma «Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF», our students receive additional certificates - without extra effort.

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Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF

SHL - and then?

SHL graduates take on specialist and management functions in the hotel and gastronomy industry, in tourism or in the service sector. They work in marketing, project management, accounting, finance, controlling, but also in HR or management consulting. Some also realise their personal business ideas and set up their own company. To get an idea of what an education at SHL can do for your career path, read about the exciting careers of some of our alumni here:

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Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF

No degree without a connection

Many of our alumni start their careers directly after graduation - some others have yet to quench their academic thirst for knowledge. The coveted SHL diploma opens doors in both directions - to attractive management positions worldwide as well as to further study programmes and postgraduate studies.

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Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF

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