A little extra: Additional certificates

  • Vocational trainer

    The vocational trainer course is integrated into the timetable of Semester 6 Unternehmensführung and enables students to train learners in a targeted manner after completing SHL. The certificate is recognised in all cantons.

  • Certified Revenue Manager ECRME

    In four modules, students are introduced to the different areas of revenue management. The first module - «Basic Concepts in Revenue Management» - is integrated in Semester 3 Hotellerie.

    In this module, students are familiarised with the basics on which modern revenue management is built. In addition to the basic theoretical concepts - such as Kime's «Strategic Levers of Revenue Management» - practical applications and the most important key figures are also taught.

    The last three modules for the «Certified Revenue Manager ECRME» certification are integrated in semester 5 Betriebswirtschaft:

    • Module 2 «Strategic Revenue Management» focuses on medium and long-term objectives. Core elements of the module are the competitor set («CompSet»), the positioning strategy as well as benchmarking and performance control.
    • Module 3 «Operational Revenue Management» deals with the «Revenue Management Process». By dividing it into daily, weekly and monthly tasks, the application is structured and forms the basis for operational work in revenue management. Based on an example, a «Revenue Meeting» is organised, which can be directly transferred to one's own business.
    • After revenue management has been established as a discipline in the rooms division area and has already been successfully applied in numerous businesses and chains, Module 4 «Total Revenue Management» is dedicated to the application of the known strategies to other service areas of the hotel. F&B, events and conferences as well as the spa area are explicitly analysed and possible measures and key figures are developed.

    After passing all modules, students obtain the certificate «Certified Revenue Manager ECRME».

  • Diploma Supplement in English

    Our HF graduates receive a diploma supplement after successful completion. Diploma supplements are issued for PET qualifications. They contain information that enables employers in Switzerland and abroad to assess the professional competences of graduates. Diploma supplements also indicate the level of the qualification in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and describe what a person with the corresponding qualification is qualified to do.

    The HF diploma has been classified at level 6 in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for VET and is thus equivalent to a Bachelor's qualification via the European Qualification Frame (EQF) (equivalent but not equal).

    Diploma supplements are based on the European Europass and are therefore familiar and understandable for employers throughout Europe.



  • Management Specialists - SVF Certificate, Management Part

    As part of the «Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF» course, students complete the module examinations with SVF recognition in the following areas:

    • Business Administration
    • Human Resources Management
    • Project Management
    • Process Management
    • Accounting

    Students can attend the voluntary KOPAS course in semester 5 Betriebswirtschaft or semester 6 Unternehmensführung. After completing the course, they receive the corresponding certificate from the supporting associations. This confirms, in the event of an inspection by the Cantonal Labour Inspectorate, that they have the appropriate basic knowledge in occupational safety and health protection.

  • WSET

    When it comes to wine and spirits, no one can fool our students in a hurry: In Semester 1 Gastronomie, our lecturers impart comprehensive product knowledge in these areas. At the end of the semester, the students put their newly acquired knowledge to the test in the examinations for the internationally recognised certificates «WSET Level 2 Award in Wines» and «WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits».